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Rob Watson answers some questions.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 15, 2009 7:34 am Post subject: Rob Watson answers some questions. Reply with quote

Taken from the forum, we asked Lead Designer, Rob Watson to answer some for the questions you've been asking and discussing recently.

Q: It's been said that the game will be free to play, but what parts of the game will be free? How limited will the free to play players be?

A: This is still being discussed right now, but my plan is that all players will have the ability to progress in the game whether paying or free-to-play. There may be some specific content that is only available to subscribers, but at this stage nothing is fully defined yet. Your feedback on this subject is more than welcome.

Q: Will we be able to edit the maps in the game?

A: Well, as this is a persistent world we can't allow players to edit the environment as this would change the game for the other players as well. Remember in a persistent world MMOG you are all playing together on the same map. We may look at into custom content in the future, but not for the initial release.

Q: Will you have fishing on release of the game?

A: While we would like to include as many of the various sports in the game as possible, we won't have fishing in the initial release.

Q: When tracking, will you include stuff like red globes as I don't like them.

A: No, we want to try and keep the environment as natural as possible. So for example, around droppings you will be able to hear and see flies buzzing around. This is the kind of natural visual and audio cues we want to use in Hunter's World.

Q: When hunting turkey, could we have something like a ghille suit which would help camouflage us and make us less easy to spot?

A: Yes sir! We will be including a wide variety of camouflage equipment.

Q: I really, really don't like the tracking system in another game I've played, it's horrible. I think traditional tracking is still the best method, if not the most effective. What are your plans regarding the use of pda and gps add-ons in Hunter's World?

A: Tracking in Hunter's World will be more traditional. We are planning on having a PDA, but this is purely a device for storing statistics, accessing maps and other information. The PDA in Hunter's World will not assist you in any way when hunting, other than providing a map. Tracking, Stalking, Marksmanship and Survival are all separate skills and are not linked in anyway to the PDA. Everybody in Hunter's World will be able to find tracks without the need for electronic devices. However, only those with high enough skills in Tracking will be able to gain useful information from the various types of tracks. If you have a low skill level in tracking, you won't be able to tell if the track you've found is a Mule Deer or Whitetail Deer print. With a high level of skill you will be able to tell the species, sex, and approximate weight. But that's enough info on that topic for now. I don't want to give too much away at this stage.

Q: It would be great to see detail such as cartridge load size and the ability to mix/match cartridges as well as variable choking - all important parts of accurate ballistics.

A: Agreed. There will be numerous ammo types available for any given calibre including grain, projectile type, etc. These parameters will affect penetration, hitting power and wounding. If you are hunting dangerous game you might want to use a cartridge that has big hitting power to stop that beastie in its tracks. But with a round that deforms like that, you may not get as much penetration. For hunting elk or moose, you might elect for the opposite. Less hitting power, but more penetration, increased penetration and more potential to damage organs and rupture important blood vessels, which leads to more blood loss and brings that monster down quickly with the least amount of suffering. There will always be interesting choices to make in regards to ammo, with specialized, as well as jack-of-all-trades cartridges.

Q: If you plan to include calls in the game, will there be a levelling up system where you can improve on this skill?

A: In the initial release no, but this is something we may look at for future additions to the game. Once again, please feel free to discuss this in the forum and share your ideas with us.

Q: Will you include tripods for the bowhunters?

A: If you mean portable stands, then for initial release probably not. We definitely want to include stands, but I'm not sure they will be in for the initial release of the game.

Q: Will we have a digital and video camera we can use to record stuff in the game?

A: This is a feature that we would certainly like to offer and would be something we might have as an update or module for the PDA.

Q: Will you include scent covers and lures?

A: Yes. Is there anything in particular you would like to see added? Please update us via the forum.

Q: Regarding weather conditions, when hunting in certain locations will there be snow on the ground?

A: Yes, we would like to include as many of the weather conditions seen in North American hunting areas as possible.

Q: What if 2 people hit the same animal at the same time? I know it's a 1 in a million chance, but what if it happened? Who would get it?

A: This is a tricky and controversial topic as I think it's always going to be something where it will be difficult to please everyone. The current implementation makes it impossible for simultaneous shots. Right now, the person deemed to be the first to hit the animal is considered to have tagged it. In this situation shots from any other hunter aimed at a tagged animal are ignored. This ensures that the person who got the hit first is the one that has the potential to harvest the kill. You cannot harvest animals that you have not tagged. However, if the person that gets the initial shot does not manage to kill the animal it will slowly heal over time. Once the animal recovers to a certain threshold, the tag is removed and the animal is now accessible to all hunters once more. As I mentioned above, this is the current system and I will be relying on feedback from the Rangers to determine if this is the best solution or not.

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